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Beginner Yoga with LIVE music at Hatteras Yoga - Hatteras Island Event

Repeats every week every Tuesday and every Wednesday 22 times .
06/13/2017 - 11:00am

Information provided by Hatteras Yoga:

Instructor: Jessie Taylor

Beginner Vinyasa Flow

“Adult Beginner Flow” is a great class for anyone who has never stepped onto a yoga mat before.  This class will introduce you to the beginning stages of Yoga including Ujjayi Breathing, the Sun Salutation, and a few basic beginner poses.  Class closes with a final rest and meditation.  A special added feature of this class is live music during your meditation time, helping you to leave feeling balanced and centered!

Jessie leads you through this class at a slow pace, helping you to understand how each breath works through each movement.  There will also be an explanation of how your muscles will engage for each pose, further helping you understand your body in a way you never have before!

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